Linda Furtado

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O Antiphon - O Emmanuel

I used my phone to record myself singing different parts on the spot with an acapella recording app that overlaps videos. While I was walking into the office, I sang parts from one of the Advent songs I wrote using the words of the O Antiphon - O Emmanuel. Check out the video below to see the end result and enjoy!

"I Am Woven" & Juneteenth Liturgy

Each year, different regions of The United Methodist Church gather for meetings. I had the privilege of creating and leading the Juneteenth worship for the 2024 Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference. You can hear me playing and singing an original song at the start of the service call "I Am Woven." The 30-minute worship experience also features a 14-minute theatrical performance written and performed by the talented teams from theater companies Dream 7 and GuBassavi Productions.